Our Approach

A holistic approach to AI-enabled drug discovery and development is needed to rapidly bring personalized medicines to patients. Pathos was created for this sole purpose and has the opportunity to reinvent how precision medicines are developed in the future, integrating data into every step of the process and thereby creating a self-learning and self-correcting therapeutics engine.

Largest datasets in oncology

Pathos has access to the largest multi-modal datasets in oncology and years of working experience to translate this unique asset into actionable opportunities. We are routinely incorporating our knowledge base along with Pathos proprietary data sets generated through our partner network.

Self-learning and self-correcting therapeutics engine

We’re building a Discovery Engine that has the ability to automate the process of target identification and prioritization using multiple orthogonal methods. Our Clinical Development Suite will harmonize data from multiple sources and enable a generalizable machine learning framework that can be leveraged to establish asset-specific analytics and AI models.

OS platform

Our PathOS platform is built on a modern data infrastructure and has the ability to continuously enhance the predictive power with every data point from discovery to development.

Integrating data at each step

We are integrating all data consistently across all functions. The ability to manage and integrate data generated or acquired, from discovery to clinical and real-world patient data, is a fundamental requirement to allow us to derive maximum benefit. Data are the foundation upon which the analytics are built. Data integration enables comprehensive searches for subsets of data based on the linkages established rather than on the information itself.

Where we're going

Enhanced predictive modeling

Our predictive modeling of biological processes and drugs becomes significantly more sophisticated with applications to:

  • Identification of key targets & mechanisms
  • Designing new molecules and combinations
  • Disease understanding

Robust patient selection

Patients are identified to enroll in smaller, shorter, less expensive, and more beneficial trials. The criteria for including patients in such a trial will take significantly more factors into account (mRNA, DNA, digital) to target specific populations that can benefit the most from our medicines, delivering on the true promise of precision medicine.

Real-time trial monitoring

Our trials are monitored in real time to rapidly identify any signals requiring rapid action to avoid significant and potentially costly issues such as adverse events.