The AI-Driven Biotechnology Company

Pathos is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on re-engineering drug development, leveraging the power of advanced AI technologies to bring precision medicines to market through partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies.

Redefining Disease Based on Pathways

PathOS Platform™ is fueled by petabytes of real-world oncology data and patient-derived functional genomic data to identify and validate compelling biology that would have otherwise gone undetected using traditional methods. We are 100% dedicated to partnering with drug companies to develop their shelved programs by applying AI to optimize patient selection strategies.

Pathos Platform

Accelerated Biomarker-Driven Development Paths

We license or co-develop clinical-stage therapeutics to ensure highly efficacious drugs are developed for the patients most likely to benefit and with significant unmet needs. Our patient selection strategies are optimized for the fastest path to approval to improve patient outcomes as quickly as possible.

Vanguard in Therapeutics

Pathos was born out of the idea that AI can transform each step of the drug development process — patient selection, biomarker development, trial design, and clinical trial operations — to bring precision medicines to market at an unimaginable pace. Our aim is ultimately to accelerate the translation of real-world data into breakthrough therapies for patients that need them most.

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