Pathos brings four discrete value propositions that no other company in the world has yet to assemble.



World-class team that is equal parts natural science and data science. We've brought together technologists, machine-learning scientists, and drug developers to speak a common language to change the way personalized medicines are developed. The team is experienced bringing these disciplines together and is ideally situated to bring personalized drugs to the patients that need them most.


Petabytes of Multimodal Data

Pathos has access to the largest multi-modal datasets in oncology totaling over one-third of all U.S. cancer patients and years of working experience to translate this unique asset into actionable opportunities. While most discovery companies work with pre-clinical or synthetic data, we train our algorithms with real-world transcriptomic data and whole slide images to identify novel RNA and immune signatures as near-term targets for novel therapeutics.



Our PathOS platform is built on a modern data infrastructure and has the ability to continuously enhance the predictive power with every data point from discovery to development. Combining a data advantage, modern data infrastructure for clinical development and significant investment in AI development, we are creating a new level of automation in our reinforcing system that will continuously produce R&D advantages.


Agile Playbook

Precision medicine needs an agile approach to patient enrollment. As a technology company, we obsess over data-driven decisions throughout the clinical development process. We focus on designing every trial tuned for speed and success with access to the largest clinical networks to bring personalized medicines to patients rather than hoping patients find our clinical trial sites.